Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Walking Tour

Today I had the intention of doing something a bit more New Zealandy, so to speak. So, I looked at a map, found a walking track near a bus route with dot labelled "Cave", and set off.

Getting there was quite an adventure - someone got airlifted to Ch.Ch. Hospital, and I was there to witness the whole thing.

I wandered around the Avon for a bit...
And was interested by some of the strange things the earthquake didn't get.
(That thing rotates)
Eventually, I made it almost to Sumner, where the track started.
And before I could forget what country I was in...
There was a lot of interesting flora...

And it turns out NZ has the biggest, most scariest bees you've ever seen.
It wasn't too hard of a walk
But the stairs were pretty steep.
Eventually I made it!
And the view was well worth it
I was so exhausted, I did what any self-respecting tourist does, and sampled the local beer - this was a Nor'wester Strong Pale Ale, but I don't know how Pale that looks to me. It was delicious, though.
Stay cool kids, we'll talk soon


quilary said...

Do you feel like you are 'tramping' in the footsteps of Frodo and Bilbo? The camera is getting a good work out - and the photos are lovely.

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